How To Work With Angels  

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Gives a ten-step plan to help you make friends with angels so they can assist you in practical and personal ways--protecting, inspiring, healing and comforting. Each type of angel brings special qualities into your life. The more you work with angels, the more effectively they can help you!

Study Guide Material

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Facilitator Guide PDF
Discussion Guides:
1 - Intro to Working with Angels PDF
2 - A Ten-Step Plan PDF
3 - Meet the Seven Archangels: Part 1 PDF
4 - Meet the Seven Archangels: Part 2 PDF
5 - Meet the Seven Archangels: Part 3 PDF
6 - Meet the Seven Archangels: Part 4 PDF
For the last meeting PDF

Bonus Materials:

  • Facilitator & Discussion Guides
    in one file PDF (1.7 mb)
  • Like it short and simple?
    Abridged Version
  • Angels Chart and Prayers
    in color! PDF (161 kb)
Color — full sheet
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